My lifelong passion for writing has been exactly that. I wrote my first book at four years old by illustrating the story, Hergeaster (good luck pronouncing that) and telling my mother what to write below the abstract doodles. She still has boxes upon boxes of my childhood works hidden away. One day, they'll be worth millionsof pennies, I'm sure.

Entering adulthood, I rode the creative roller coaster, expressing my lows through poetry and my highs through singing/songwriting. Sometimes I'd switch'm just for a twist. I distinctly remember in high school, teachers got frustrated with me for turning a five-page assignment into a forty-five-page adventure. Poor Mrs. Skoric. Anyway, I ultimately discovered my purpose, my destiny, my very reason for breathing: The soul-freeing addictionof writing novels of fiction. Catch that rhyme? I can't seem to kick the poetry itch. 


Starting at age nineteen, I embarked upon my first novels. Without dipping my feet in with a shorter story, I decided to shoot for the stars and write a trilogy―a gory, spiritual, in-your-face, horror trilogy to be exact. Because, you know, why not, right? And that's when Eden's Scarecrow was born.


Eden's Scarecrow follows Paul, a drug-peddling, devil-may-cry murderer, who works as a knee-breaker for the local drug-lord. One night, after an exceptionally ruthless bloodbath, Paul is struck by lightning. In addition to being burned beyond recognition, the accident grants Paul the ability to see the angels and demons influencing him and those around him. They're not nightmares or hallucinations, they're real―vividly, horrifyingly real. With the guidance of his newly acquainted guardian angel, Barney, Paul must face the trials of hungry demons and try to save his soul from the damnation he wrought. 

The first book of the series, Real Eyes, took a little less than two years to write. Shortly after which the entire manuscript was stolen and I lost every page of it. After a few months of depression, anger, and the consideration that maybe writing just wasn't for me anymore, I cowboyed up and rewrote every page of that bad boy. From there, I got it published through a small publishing company and then self-published the second book of the trilogy, Realize, along the third, Real Lies

Once Eden's Scarecrow was completed, I needed a new project. I considered a few different stories along many different genres, timelines, and themes. I was inundated with inspiration that bottlenecked at my fingertips. I couldn't seem to gain any traction on any of them even though I thought, and still think, they were each bursting with potential. 


Then an idea hit me: Everything but the kitchen sink! I'd combine all of my story concepts into a single storyline called Parachute Minds. It was perfect. I'd never been so inspired and driven. The pages couldn't keep up with my pen. Or the digital pages couldn't keep up with my keyboard. Whatever. You understand what I'm trying to say. I finished the first book of the series, Leap of Fate, along with the second, Light Switch, in less than a year. 


That's when fate reached down and aligned some stars, connecting me with an insanely talented book-editor (Aimee Heckel of, who just so happened to work out at the gym I train at. Go figure. Networking, eh? Anywho, she has been madly at work busting her butt (which I helped her build) to edit as fast as I write. 


Now, I've begun the publication process for book one! It's only a matter of months before I will share Parachute Minds with the world (and every other world (*foreshadowing*), while simultaneously working on books four and five of the series. 

So, my friends, as the adventure continues and the unknown approaches, "may death not find you sleeping."

    © 2017 by Miah Sanchez