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Congratulations, you and your friends have found yourselves on a foreign world, hunted by an alien sniper. Crap. Now, as we all know, extraterrestrial snipers use lasers, not bullets. Lasers are powerful weapons, capable of incinerating targets across the entire board with ease. Additionally, lasers possess a tactical ability: when a laser hits a mirror, it’s deflected, allowing the alien sniper to shoot at multiple angles at once and around corners. In this dangerous game, your only chance at survival is outrunning your friends—and maybe betraying them. Ankles must be tripped. Sacrifices must be made. You can make new friends.

Alien Sniper box (Full-size).jpg
caREAR day cover.jpg

caREAR day

"Tell the clASS what you do"

Prepare to embarrass yourself in front of your friends as you present an absurdly combined caREAR, explaining what you do on a daily basis.

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